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Add MyPW to Your Software and Get Paid $250.00!

MyPW is offering $250.00 (USD) each to 200 selected Web Services and/or Software Programs that implement the MyPW additional-security API into their service or software.

MyPW is an affordable and patent-pending service that allows your users the option of employing One-Time-Passwords as a third level of security after the standard username and password have been verified.

To qualify your Web Service or Software Program for the MyPW $250.00 incentive, you must meet these limited guidelines:

  1. You must register for your own Free API Keys Here.
  2. Your Web Service or Software Program must be in English, and be of mainstream, consumer-grade quality.
  3. Your Web Service or Software Program must include a direct link to the MyPW website for users to acquire their MyPW One-Time Password Tokens.
You can read more about our API interface specifications Here.

Once you have completed your integration of the MyPW API into your Service or Program, please email with a location from where the Software Program can be downloaded or the Web Service accessed.

All submissions that meet the above guidelines will qualify for the MyPW $250.00 incentive, plus you'll receive a free MyPW One-Time-Password Token.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of our API, please direct your email to

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