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MyPW is an online service that enables websites, Blackberry Phone users and more to easily and affordably upgrade their security with our revolutionary patent-pending, two-factor authentication system.

Key Advantages of MyPW

MyPW device on a keychain

Simple To The Max - Unlike other token-based systems that require complex integration and time-consuming management of proprietary software libraries, MyPW employs user-friendly web service protocols and technologies. The MyPW system can easily be implemented using any platform or programming language, and can be successfully up and running on your website in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks.

Easy to Administer - MyPW's hosted-service model means there are no expensive servers for you to monitor, maintain or be forced to upgrade - everything you need to protect your valuable data can be accomplished via the MyPW API and website. The website also provides you with easy to access information about your site activity, usage and billing.

Affordable - With MyPW, there are no large upfront purchases or lengthy contracts required. You can try MyPW with as many or as few users as it takes to see if the service works for you, and you only pay for the number of people who are actively using the system. We even offer a Direct Consumer model for companies that wish to make the MyPW service available for their security minded customers but don't have the budget to foot the bill themselves.

One Single Solution Does It All - Until MyPW, token-based security required separate devices to access each individually protected system. Now, the same password token or mobile phone can be used across all sites that have implemented the MyPW Service! And because there is no sharing of personal information with MyPW (we only know the user's MyPW ID or device ID, not your login or password information), you can rest assured that MyPW is completely private and secure.

You're In Control - MyPW does not dictate how you use the service; instead, we offer YOU the flexibility of when and where to request additional security authentication from your users. Via our simple API interface, our service can be implemented at any point you choose, use Radius Authentication or our PAM Module for Linux to secure your SSH logins. From login to purchase to confidential information access to data transfer, MyPW is designed to protect what you value without getting in your way.

Protects Blackberry Phones, Too - Concerned that your kids, co-workers or business associates might guess the password on your Blackberry, or that you might lose your Blackberry and unscrupulous hackers could gain access to all your private email and data? With MyPW protection for your Blackberry, you don't need to worry anymore. MyPW is now available as a direct download software solution to provide the benefits of two-factor token security to Blackberry users, too.

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