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MyPW is an online service that enables websites to easily and affordably upgrade their login security with a highly-secure, two-factor authentication system.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyPW device on a keychain

Q: What is MyPW?

A: MyPW is a central service that authenticates our MyPW Tokens. Up until now, Password Tokens could only be used at one location, but with MyPW's central authentication service, MyPW tokens can be used anywhere that our service has been enabled. This may be the the only password token you will ever need.

Q: What Countries does MyPW work in?

A: MyPW works from any country and can be used by any company in any country.

Q: Do you have Soft Tokens that work on Mobile Devices?

Yes, we currently have MyPW soft tokens for iPhone, Blackberry and Andrioid Coming Soon.

Q: Does the MyPW Token receive information wirelessly?

A: No, MyPW tokens contain a time sensitive cryptographic algorithm unique to each token.

Q: Does MyPW work with Radius Authentication?

Yes, our radius server is '' and the secret is 'mypw', this service only works with paid token service or you can install your own Radius Server using the MyPW Module for FreeRadius.

Q: Will MyPW work on Linux?

A: Yes, the API can be implemented into any operating system, or you can download our PAM Module to use with services such as SSH.

Q: Where can I get a MyPW Token to use?

A: If a service you already use offers MyPW and you need a MyPW Token you can subscribe to our service here, otherwise MyPW Tokens are distributed through MyPW enabled services.

Q: Can we use MyPW to access our VPN?

A: Yes if your VPN can use Radius Authentication.

Q: Why should we use MyPW?

A: Because passwords alone are inherently unsafe. For example, the majority of computer users employ passwords that are easy to guess, they don't change them regularly, they often use the same password at multiple websites and services, and these same passwords are made even more unsafe because they're often retrievable by past and current company personnel. By utilizing a non-static, crypto generated password from MyPW, these types of breaches can be minimized, if not completely removed.

Q: Will MyPW protect my users/customers against identity theft from insiders?

A: MyPW protects your users' sensitive information, even from unscrupulous employees. While insiders may have access to password files, the MyPW two-factor authorization system ensures that they cannot access private data without the MyPW token assigned to your user/customer.

Q: Will MyPW make my site secure?

A: MyPW will dramatically increase your site's security -- no one will be able to access an account without possession of both the MyPW token and your local authentication information.

Q: Is MyPW Secure?

A: All communications with the MyPW token authenticator are managed over encrypted communication channels. Additionally, all authentication responses contain an SHA512 message digest hash, confirming that the response is from the MyPW authenticator.

Q: Which Operating Systems will MyPW work with?

A: MyPW is platform independent and will work with any operating system.

Q: What information will MyPW know about our users?

A: The only two pieces of information we need to authenticate a MyPW token are the serial number of the token, and the six or eight digit number the device displays at the time of authentication. Our system then determines a valid or invalid match. No other information is needed.

Q: Who Needs MyPW?

A: Any website, service, application or computer that has Internet access, and employs a password for authentication, can benefit from using MyPW as an additional or primary authentication mechanism.

Q: What types of Companies could benefit from MyPW?

A: Internet Service Providers, Multiple Listing Services (MLS), Hospitals, Companies with Intranets, Remote Backup Providers, Email Providers, Domain Registry/Registration Companies, Department Stores, Law Firms, Long Distance Companies, Internet Alarm Services, Bank ATM Networks, Software Developers, Design and Development Companies that need to protect intellectual property from industrial espionage, Campaign and Strategy websites - almost any company that has an internet connection could benefit from MyPW.

Q: How Much Does MyPW Cost?

A: Please Visit our Pricing Page.

Q: What if someone shoulder surfs, records my keystrokes or somehow discovers my six or eight digit code that I've used?

A: MyPW tokens generate a 6 digit code that can be used just once and then expires within a few minutes. Once the current 6 or 8 digit code has been utilized and matched to the serial number of the device, it cannot be used again.

Q: What happens if I lose the MyPW Token?

A: If you have registered with MyPW beforehand, simply log in to your account and override your token with a fixed password until you receive your new MyPW Token in the mail. You can also contact the company from which you received your token and make arrangements with them for a replacement.

Q: How can I get a Website I use to enable MyPW?

A: Please contact them and tell them about our service. Let them know you want to use MyPW to protect your valuable account information.

Q: Who Owns the MyPW Token?

A: MyPW charges activation and usage fees, but does not charge for the tokens; consequently, MyPW retains full ownership of all tokens distributed.

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