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Selecting the right MyPW Program

Because we don't live in a one-size-fits-all world, MyPW offers several different programs for its Patent-Pending Authentication service.

Service Provider Program: (Offer MyPW Authentication at No Cost)

The Service Provider Program puts the responsibility for security into the hands of the people who need it most -- your customers. At no cost whatsoever, you can make our Patent-Pending Authentication service available to your entire customer base, but it's up to your users to decide when or if they use MyPW to protect their valuable personal information.

This program is perfect for service providers, Internet retailers, identity verification solutions, financial institutions and any other Internet connected application whose users might benefit from an extra level of security. You offer the service and refer your users to MyPW if they don't already have a MyPW Password Token. Each individual user can then choose to pay a small yearly fee to receive his/her own Password Token that can be used at all sites where MyPW is available.

>> Sign-up for MyPW Service Provider

Download the MyPW Service Provider Brochure.

Should you have any further questions about MyPW, please contact us at: Service Provider Support

Enterprise Program: (Only $9.95 to Start / Includes 5 Hardware Tokens)

As more and more corporate information is stored within networked systems, MyPW offers just the solution for providing that extra layer of security to protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

With our Enterprise Program, you're in control. You receive and distribute the Password Tokens directly to users, you track any and all usage through our 24/7 web service, and you manage the costs associated with the account. This program is geared toward the company that has trade secrets, legal documents, design specs, company communications or any other private information that requires safeguarding.

>> Sign-up for MyPW Enterprise

Download the MyPW Enterprise Program Brochure.

Should you have any further questions about MyPW, please contact us at: Enterprise Support

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