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MyPW Pricing Details

In addition to being easy to integrate into your online application, MyPW is remarkably affordable.

Service Provider Program Pricing: (Best for Internet/Web Services Companies)

  • There is No Cost to implement our Authentication API.
  • Your users are referred to MyPW to subscribe to the MyPW Token Service, free first year of usage with MyPW Soft Token then only $9.95 a year, this includes the MyPW Token.
>> Sign-up for MyPW Service Provider

Enterprise Program Pricing: (Best for Internal Company Use)

  • There is a one-time, $9.95 site setup fee. This also includes five activated MyPW tokens.
  • There is no charge for MyPW Soft Tokens, starding usage fees apply.
  • There is a $9.95 activation fee, plus actual shipping costs, per additional MyPW Token ordered.
  • There are no additional fees charged to users/device holders for use of the MyPW service.
  • Sites are charged $1/token/month or $0.005 (1/2 cent) per authentication request -- whichever is greater.
  • Volume discounts are available for sites with over 5000 users. Please Contact Us for more information
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We do not impose any pricing restrictions on what sites can charge their users for this additional security feature. We suggest that the service be offered for free or bundled into your existing pricing, but this decision is entirely up to you.

Enterprise Program: Competitive Price Comparison - 25 Users over 2 Years

ItemRSA SecurIDCryptoCardMyPW
Bundle $5,841.08 $2,495.00 n/a
Tokens included included Soft Tokens
Server included $848.00 n/a
Service & Support Fees $1,308.24 $636.00 $600.00
Total for 2 Years $7,149.32 $3,979.00 $609.95
Upfront Costs $6,495.20 $3,661.00 $9.95

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Attention Programmers & Hobbyists: What can YOU do with MyPW?

Find out!

You are welcome to signup for a site operator account, and integrate MyPW into any of your internet-enabled projects.

As an appreciative nod to all of our programming friends out there:

We offer our service with no recurring fees to sites with five or less users on our Enterprise Program.

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